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How to Quickly Wash Dishes by Hand?

Not every house or flat owner is fortunate enough to get a dishwasher, and some of us may not have a huge amount of time to do the washing. The dishwashing method is tiring. Yet, there are shortcuts to help it run easier. If you are not used to washing dishes quickly by hand, then don’t worry because, in this post, we will provide quick hacks to make it easier for you to hand washing dishes fast.

Tips to Wash Dishes Quickly by Hands

If you are looking for the fastest way to wash dishes by hand, then consider the following tips and tricks:

Get the Best Tools for You

First of all, you have to get the correct dishwashing equipment.

  • A decent eco-friendly soap
  • A couple of gloves
  • Plywood rack for drying
  • A couple of dish towels

Organize It

If you are cleaning a ton of dishes, a little organizing on the front end will help accelerate the task. I want to arrange my spoons and dishes and bring all the dirty cutlery together in one place.

Use A Disinfecting Rinse

Soaking dishes in a disinfecting rinse can imitate some of the phases they go along in a dishwasher, so it will bring relief that your plates are cleaner, even though you do not really wash them for minutes. Dip the dishes in one bucket of water and one tablespoon of sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach. You are good to go!

Be Compassionate. Let the Dishes Soak Up

It’s enticing to begin washing caked-on food immediately, but first, save yourself the favor and then let the dishes soak in a basin with hot, foamy water. It will loosen the particles of food and spare the hands against sponge-induced exhaustion. For bowls with burn stains on the edge, soak in iodine and chilled water overnight, and then heat the water to boiling point to extract the grime.

dishwashing equipment

Use Cool Water to Remove Dairy Products Stains Quickly

Soaking ice cream or cheese off a dish with warm water can trigger gum to grow, Martha Stewart illustrates in her journal. Take her suggestion to get the food particles off with a chilly rinse prior to cleaning the dish with hot water.

Don’t Stack Stinky Plates in Your Sink

It’s a minor tweak, but let your visitors or flatmates leave their plates on the shelf in front of the fridge, not inside. Understand: you ought to keep the sink open where you can properly wash the dishes. Unstacking then re-stacking would make it take forever to wash the dishes, and no one has time for all of that.