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How Often Should I Ventilate My Room?

It is no thumb rule that we often have to ventilate our living area. Like other organisms, humans also shed off dead skin cells that we never care for. Our rooms are where we spend most of our time and are bound to be full of many small pollutant particles. We must maintain sufficient airflow or ventilation within our home or living space.  For airing an apartment properly, we operate HVAC systems that circulate the air around and filter the air in our room. But using them puts a heavy burden on our budget.

On the other hand, there are many pros of ventilating a room naturally and less energy consumption. Now how often you should ventilate a room depends on how you use up space like if it is a room used randomly, there is no need to ventilate it daily. If it is a room with all-day usages like a bedroom or a kitchen or play area for kids, make sure it is adequately ventilated almost every day.


Pros of Ventilating a Room

  • Reduces pollutants in the air
  • Eliminates if there is tobacco smoke around
  • Ventilation removes different odors like used clothes and sweat.
  • Maintains the balance of oxygen in the room by fresh oxygen supply.
  • Maintains levels of humidity if there is dampness inside.
  • Perhaps, the most significant benefit is that it ensures a healthy environment and is also light on your pocket.

Ways for Airing an Apartment Properly

  • It is tricky to properly ventilate a room if there is cold weather outside and you don’t want loose heat maintained inside the room. Following are some ways to properly ventilate a room without increasing your energy consumption.
  • Ventilation doesn’t mean you have to keep everything open for a whole day. 15 min are more than enough for a room.
  • You must ventilate your room in the early morning or the night-time as there is less pollution in the outside air at that time.
  • Rooms that are in frequent use should be ventilated more frequently than others.